African Lesbians Being “Raped Straight?” What Does the Bible Say?

March 18, 2017

An blog by one Tara Lohan, on March 3, 2010, stated the following:

“Rape is fast becoming the most widespread hate crime targeted against gay women in townships across South Africa. One lesbian and gay support group says it is dealing with 10 new cases of lesbian women being targeted for ‘corrective’ rape every week in Cape Town alone.

Since 1998 31 women have been reported murdered in homophobic attacks… there has only been one conviction.”

Let’s consider a few points from the Bible on this subject…

Firstly, as we see in Genesis, the main reason for sex is to “be fruitful, and multiply”. That being said, any kind of sex that has no possibility of bringing a life into the world could be considered wrong… not just because the main reason for sex is eliminated; but because only the sexual organs are designed for sexual activity. has run news reports about scientific discoveries, pointing toward the possibility of oral sex causing mouth cancer, and sodomy shortening one’s life-span by an average of eight to twenty years. Thus, sex that doesn’t involve the sexual organs being used in a manner common to intercourse is a subversion of the natural order. Some say that, because animals do it, it’s all right. Let’s consider the flaws of that argument: firstly, animals do all kinds of disgusting things humans don’t do. By that logic, we should do everything animals do: eat our own dung, sniff other animals’ butts, lick ourselves, devour the “runts” of our litters, and so many other things. Did you know that animals will hump anything that’s solid enough to arouse the genitals, and still smells fresh? Let’s also not forget the other argument: animals usually try to fight off this kind of unwanted sexual advancement. They have to be raped, before they’ll be submissive enough to sexually abuse in such a way again. To argue that such a conduct is right would lend credential to the claim of such groups as the North American Man/Boy Love Association, or N.A.M.B.L.A.

Secondly, we see that the reason sex is pleasurable isn’t so we can run around having sex all we want, with whomever or whatever we want. Not only did Judah and his sons get in trouble for that conduct in Genesis (Judah later repented of his old ways, because he saw the trouble sexual promiscuity could cause, while his two sons were killed by God as they were having sex), but the Law of Moses and the example of David and Solomon’s indiscretions prove it morally and logically wrong. Basically, one can only have sex with one’s spouse, whom one loves romantically, and who is not related by blood or an animal. Of course, that’s not to say that “wet dreams” are necessarily sinful, since the Bible only says of them that the victim of such activity should wash himself with water, and will remain unclean until that evening (it was a hygienic standard, not a moral one). However, to seek sexual pleasure, as if it were the sole reason for living, thinking, or acting, is not just wrong… it’s unhealthy. Those who let their libidos get away with them are most often prone to the worst trouble. Jacob had to deal with two wives, both vying for his affection. Esau troubled his parents, until they both died. Abraham nearly brought down an entire nation, because he told them his wife was his sister, to save his own hide. Cain probably turned out the way he did, because of the way Eve seduced Adam, rather than their sex being born out of mutual love… which brings us to the idea of unwanted sex…

According to the Law of Moses, Simeon and Levi would have been justified in killing all the men who were even remotely related to the rape of their sister, Dinah. Their response to an irate father, who was more worried about his reputation than his daughter, was to ask if they should let their sister be treated like a whore, instead. This leads us to the actual text of the Law of Moses. Deuteronomy 22:25-27 says that, if a woman is raped, and nobody is around to save her, the man who raped her is to be put to death. The text is clear, especially to Jewish rabbis: a man, who rapes a woman, must be put to death. The woman has done nothing wrong, so she doesn’t deserve to be murdered for the defilement to her person. In fact, the Bible likens this kind of defilement to murder… a sort of “dying inside”, or “death of the soul”.

The New Testament has a lot to say about homosexuality and rape, as well. In Romans 1:26-27, referring to homosexuality, Paul writes that God gave up on some people, who were attempting homosexual activities – men and women, – but it goes on to say that their punishment occurred to them naturally… rather than by the hands of a human being. The text could, of course, also refer to sodomy. In any case, we now refer to Christ, who says, in Matthew 18:6, that it would be good for one who causes a little child to sin, if a heavy stone were tied around his neck, and he were cast into the depths of the sea.

Here, we have two different testaments, which tell us the same answers: it is wrong to use sex just for pleasure, but it is also wrong for sex to be used as a brain-washing tool, or a method of punishment. It was wrong to rape when the Sodomites tried to rape the angels in Genesis, it was wrong for the men of the city to rape Dinah, it was wrong for anyone to rape children of any pre-adult age, and it was just as wrong to rape any other woman… regardless of her sexual orientation.

Paul gives hope for the conversion from adverse sexuality in I Corinthians 6:11, when he writes that the homosexuals in the area had changed from being what they once were, to being something different (probably referring both to a change of conduct, and a change in how they saw themselves: instead of being sexual beings, they were now beings worthy of far greater dignity than to be mere sexual beings, and they also became children of God). The Gospel Truth is ALL we should use to convince people of aberrant sexual desires to turn away from them, and control themselves. Rape – whether to someone who is gay or straight, man or woman, child or adult, – is always wrong, and cannot be tolerated! We must speak out against all forms and “reasons” of rape, just as we must speak out against all other kinds of abuse of sex and sexuality. We must confront the sinners who are not dangerous with the truth, “speaking the truth in love” to them. We must also stand up to dangerous sinners, and pray for their victims.

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